Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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"Little Flag" and matching kit by Killer Kitty's Killer Kreations

Template is by Ali.
Get it HERE
Mask of choice.
Font of choice.

Let's begin!

Open your template.
Flood fill layers 1, 2 & 4 with colors from your tube.
Add drop shadow, Bevel and stroke as desired.
Play around and just try different things until you have it
how you want it.

Open  K4-LittleFlag-Paper12
Place over layer 3 - ctrl + alt + G - Merge
Add drop shadow.

Open  K4-LittleFlag-Paper11
Place over layer 5 - ctrl + alt + G - Merge
Add drop shadow.

Open  K4-LittleFlag-Paper02
Place over layer 6 - ctrl + alt + G - Merge
Add drop shadow.

On layers 7, 8 & 9 flood fill each one with a different color.
7 white - 8 red - 9 blue
Add drop shadow and bevel.

Open  K4-LittleFlag-Paper07
Place over layer 10 - ctrl + alt + G - Merge
Add drop shadow and outer glow.
Fill layer 11 with a gradient of red, white and blue
Add drop shadow, bevel and outer glow.

Open  K4-LittleFlag-Paper08
Place over layer 12 - ctrl + alt + G - Merge
Add drop shadow.

Now open your tube.
Duplicate and hide one.
Place one over layer 12 and position as desired.
now hide your tube layer.
Use your magic wand tool to select layer 12.
hit Shift + ctrl + I for inverse.
Now un-hide your tube and erase the edges until clear.
Make your tube black & white.

Now un-hide your duplicate and re-size as needed.
Place on the right side of your template and sharpen.
Add drop shadow.



Arrange your elements as desired.
Add more or remove some if you want.
This tutorial is just a guideline so go ahead and 
make it your own.

Now add mask of choice.

Filter - Xero > Radiance.
Play with the settings until you have them
how you like them.

Add name, copyright and you're done!

Thank you for following along! 


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