Monday, September 9, 2013

This Tutorial was Written By Me. Any Similarities are Coincidental. 
Please do not Claim my Tutorials As Your Own.
These Tutorials are for Everyone to Try. 
If you want to post my tuts in your PSP Groups, please post a text link back to this site. 

This tutorial was written in Photoshop cs6

I used the kit "Aquamarine Butterfly" By Amy Marie's Kit's.
You can get it at these stores.

I paired it with "Beauty Punk" by Arthur Crowe.
You can get it HERE

First open a new canvas 800 x 800 
Open a mask of choice and add pp15 to it.
To apply a paper to your mask in photoshop
put pp15 over mask> select mask in layer panel> ctrl + A> ctrl + C.
Now select pp15 in the layer panel> Q> ctrl + V> Q.
Now you should see the selection on your canvas.
At the bottom of your layer panel click Add Vector Mask.
Delete bottom layer and right click the mask and select make smart object.

Now open your Tube (A close up is going to work best)
Place as desired over your mask.
Duplicate the tube and hide dup.
Now with the original delected in your layer panel 
hit ctrl + alt + G to create a clipping mask.
Change the blending mode to Overlay.

Now use the shape tool to make a square shape.
Place the duplicate of your tube over it and 
hit ctrl + alt + G to create a clipping mask.
Now select the shape in your layer panel.
Click ctrl + T to use your free transform tool.
While holding down ctrl move the corners of your square
until coming up with a fun unique shape for your design.
Elements I used

Place them as desired.
It really depends on the shape you came up with.
Don't forget to add drop shadow to element 75 so that it shows better.
With element 75 I just duplicated, Mirriored and flipped vertical.

After I saved this I went into PSP and applied Xero > Porcelain.
I hope you enjoyed this cute and simple toturial.


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