Monday, September 9, 2013

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Items needed.

"Boy Loves Girl" by Amy Marie's Kit's
You can get it at these stores.

Your Tube of choice.
I used "Amanda" by Verymany
You can get her HERE

Fonts I used are 

Mask of Choice.

Filter I used is
Xero > Porcelain

Open a new canvas 800 x 800

Open your mask of choice and add pp012 to it.
To apply a paper to your mask in photoshop
put pp012 over mask> select mask in layer panel> ctrl + A> ctrl + C.
Now select pp012 in the layer panel> Q> ctrl + V> Q.
Now you should see the selection on your canvas.
At the bottom of your layer panel click Add Vector Mask.
Delete bottom layer and right click the mask and select make smart object.

Now center your mask on the new canvas.
Add element 13 and re-size to 55%
Rotate slightly left and sharpen.
Now open element 82 and place underneath element 13
at the top right corner. Re-size to 60% and sharpen.
erase edges of 82 showing inside the heart on element 13.

Add element 26 and re-size to 45%
Place at the top right corner in front of element 13
Use your text tool to write a message of choice.
I used the kit's name "Boy Loves Girl"
using the font Orator Std.
Rotate/re-size font as needed.

Open element 23
Re-size to 65% and sharpen.
Place on the left side so that 
it appears to be wrapping around the side of element 13.

Open elements 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Re-size as desired and cluster them 

at the bottom right side of the tag.

Now open your tube.
Place on the left side of the tag re-size and sharpen as needed.
Now place a close up of your tube in the center of the heart

of element 13.
Change blending mode to Hard Light.
Erase any edges of the tube sticking out around

element 13.

Now place Your text where desired.

Save your photo as a PSD and then a PNG.

Using the PNG copy apply the filter Xero>Porcelain 

using the settings pictured below.

Save again and you are done!


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