Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This Tutorial was Written By SnowBunny. Any Similarities are Coincidental. 
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These Tutorials are for Everyone to Try. 
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I used photoshop cs6 but any version should do.
TUBE "Cassandra" by Verymany
KIT "Pink Sapphire" by P-O Concept
MASK "MB & SW Mask 34" by Moonbeams & Spiderwebs

Let's get started!

Open a new canvas size 900 x 700

Open PO-ps24
Place to the right of your canvas.
Rotate slightly to the left.
Add drop shadow.

Open PO-ps60
Place at bottom of PO-ps24.
Duplicate, Flip Vertical and mirror.
Add drop shadows.

Open PO-ps96
Place on the right side of PO-ps24
re-size as desired and sharpen.
Add drop shadow.

Open PO-pspp1
Place behind PO-ps24
Erase outer edges.

Open your tube and place on the
left side of PO-ps24
Re-size as desired and sharpen.
add drop shadow.

Open PO-ps83
Place next to your tube
and add drop shadow.
Open PO-ps25
Place as bottom layer
Flip horizontal and Rotate slightly to the right.
Add drop shadow.

Open PO-ps10
Place between PO-ps24 & 25
Sitting behind your tube.
Add drop shadow.
Then open PO-ps18 and place in top of it.

Open your mask and apply PO-pspp2

Now add your name/quote and copyright 
and you're done!

Thank you for following along!


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