Monday, September 9, 2013

This Tutorial was Written By Me. Any Similarities are Coincidental. 
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These Tutorials are for Everyone to Try. 
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All of my Tutorials are Made Using Photoshop CS6

Items You Will Need.

The gorgeous Kit I used is "Linda" by Amy Marie
You can download HERE

The Tube I used is by Alex Prihodko
You can download HERE

Mask of Choice.
Font of Choice.

Open a new canvas size 800 x 600

First you will add the mask I provided and re-size to fit the canvas.
Open paper 13 and place above layer mask.
Right click paper 13 in layer panel to the right and click create clipping mask.

Open element 46
Duplicate twice and place them across the mask as you desire.
Highlight all three in the layer panel > right click > Create clipping mask.
Add drop shadow and take opacity to 50%

Open element 1 
Place in the center of mask and add drop shadow.

Open element 57
Re-size to 60% > Rotate and place on right side of element 1 > Sharpen.
Duplicate layer > ctrl + T > Flip horizontal and mirror on the other side.

Open element 148
duplicate then flip dup horizontal.
Place on top of the bottom half of element 57.
Make sure element 148 and its duplicate meet in the middle and blend together.
Add drop shadow.

Open element 23
Re-size to 40% > Duplicate and rotate dup around.
Place elements in the middle bottom of the frame on top of element 148.
Add drop shadow to both and change size of drop shadow to 15.

Now open Tube of choice and place as desired.

Thank you for following!



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