Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This Tutorial was Written By Me. Any Similarities are Coincidental. 
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These Tutorials are for Everyone to Try. 
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I used PSP Pro5 but any version should do.

TUBE - "Derzi: Girly Look"
You must purchase this art to use it.
You can get it HERE

KIT - "Little Lady" by Hania Designs.
You must purchase this kit to use it.
You can get it HERE

MASK - "Zuzzmask 114"
You can download it HERE

FILTER - Xero > Porcelain

Let's get started!

Open a new canvas size 800 x 800

Open element 108 and place off center to the left.
Rotate slightly to the left of your tag and add drop shadow.

Open Paper-02 and place behind element 108.
erase outside edges.

Open element 41 and rotate right.
Place over Paper-02 and erase outside edges.
Add drop shadow.

Open element 59 and place on left upper side of element 108.

Open element 95 and place over the center of your tag.
Place above element 108.

Open your tube and place it over Paper-02.
Use blending option Luminance (Legacy)
Erase edges sticking out of element 108.

Place full size version of your tube as your top layer.
Re-size if desired and place on the right side of your tag.
Add drop shadow.

Open element 21 and add drop shadow.
Place at the bottom left corner of element 108
sticking out from behind.
Duplicate and place behind the top edge of element 108
sticking out from behind.
See tag for help with placement if needed.

Open element 53 and place on left side of element 108.
Add drop shadow.

Now apply the filter below to your full body and close up tube.
filter Xero > Porcelain.
The settings that I used are pictured below.

Now add your mask.
The link for the one that I used is at the top of the tutorial

under Supplies.
I used Paper-01 on mine.

Add your name/quote and don't forget your copyrights!

Thank you for following along.


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