Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This Tutorial was Written By Me. Any Similarities are Coincidental. 
Please do not Claim my Tutorials As Your Own.
These Tutorials are for Everyone to Try. 
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I used photoshop cs6 but any version should do

TUBE "TeamX" by Ismael Rac
KIT "TeamX" by Irish Princess Designs
TEMPLATE "STT4" By Marilyn
MASK "Mask75" Zuzzanna
Font of choice

Let's begin!
Open template and apply the papers to the layers listed below.
To do this just place the paper over the layer and hit ctrl + alt + G 
and this will create a clipping mask.
After you have your paper positioned the way you like go 
ahead and merge it to the layer and add a drop shadow

Shape 1 l & Shape 1 r - Paper1
Shape 2 - Paper5
Shape 3 - Paper1
X - Paper11

Open your tube and place in the center of your template.
Re-size as desired and sharpen. Place the car in front of your tube
at the bottom of the template.
Erase edges of tube stick out below of car. re-size car if desired and sharpen.
Add drop shadow to both.

Open Frame1
Place behind x.
Re-size as desired and sharpen.
Add drop shadow and rotate slightly.

Open City
Rotate City element to line up with frame1
and add drop shadow.
Open flower
re-size as desired and sharpen.
Place at the far top right side of Frame 1
Duplicate and mirror on bottom left of Frame 1.
Add drop shadow.

Open road
Place over X and ctrl + alt + G to create
clipping mask.

Open kiss
Size down as desired and sharpen.
Place on the left side of tube over road.
Add drop shadow.

Open drink
Place on the right side of template in center.
add drop shadow.

Open Tire
Re-size as desired and sharpen.
Place behind tube on the left side.
Duplicate Tire and place dup on the 
right side of your template behind the X.
See tag for exact placement.

Open LugWrentch
Place behind X at the top left side.
Re-size as desired and sharpen
Add drop shadow.

Now add your mask.
I used Paper6 on mine.

Add your name/quote and copyright.

Now add filter Xero > Radiance
My settings are pictured below.

That's it!
Thank you so much for following along!


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