Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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What you will need

PTU kit "Tropical Nights" by Amy Marie's Kit's
You can get it at any of these stores below.

The Tube I used is "Adeola" by Di Halim
Get it HERE

Open new canvas 800 x 800

Open element 20 and place in the center of
the new canvas.
Duplicate and hide layer.
Working with the original element go to effects>Blur> Motion Blur
and use the settings pictured below.

Now duplicate twice so that you have three
of the blurred element.
Select all in your layer panel and right click on one of them
Select Merge layers.
This will make for a better effect.

Unhide duplicate layer and add 
drop shadow as desired.

Open element 27
Re-size to 55% and sharpen.
Now duplicate this element and place so that it is
sticking out of the frame. Repeat this all the way 
around the frame.
Refer to the picture for placement.
Once you have them circling the entire
frame highlight and merge all layers.
Now use the eraser tool to
erase the backside of element 27 on the inside of the frame.
Now open elements 45 and 48.
Place them as the bottom layers and Arrange them
inside the frame so that you have a beach
leading to the ocean.
Erase edges sticking outside of the frame.

Open element 52 and place on top of element 48.
Re-size to 60%>Sharpen.
Place to the right of the inside of the frame.

Open pp015 as the bottom layer and 
re-size to 60%
Erase the edges sticking outside of the frame.

Open your Tube and place as desired.

Now open elements

Re-size and place as desired around the frame.
Don't forget to add drop shadows.

Add your text and copyrights and you're all done!

Thank you so much for following along with this tutorial!


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